Power Recorder

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《Power Recorder》是一款IOS平台的应用。
Power Recorder
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Power Recorder应用介绍

Power Recorder is specifically designed to make life, travel or driving records. It can make your iPhone transformed into a powerful video recorder to record high-quality HD video with your position and other detail information. It also easy to management, playback and export only need your iPhone. In addition to general record function, we designed a lot of useful major features: ♦ Adjustable online map display services when you record. ♦ Available at the time of the accident or manually add the anchor to log event. It useful when you review this record. ♦ Important records were automatically prevent overwrite. It can keep important record save. ♦ Allow rich video recording export, information can be embedded on videos. Also can capture snap from your record. ♦ Smart automatic function to help you easy to manage the iPhone power and record. Why you should purchase Professional Edition: ◘ Provides unlimted loop video recording. ◘ Adjustable online map display support. ◘ Provides manual and accidents to log event. ◘ Automatically lock the record to prevent the record overwritten. ◘ Video recording gap between each record less than 1 second. ◘ Provides automatic video recording exposure correction to make bright result. ◘ Rich records of time, move speed, event and GPS provide. ◘ Rich movie export with embedded detail record information. ◘ Can capture photo from video record any time when you review it. ◘ Auto start and stop record with the power connect. ◘ The highest video quality (iphone 4 Support HD). ◘ Excellent power and records management, can continue recording after the phone call. ◘ Can purchase more than 10 records (cumulative). Other features: ◘ Can use on iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 or above (iOS 4 above required, not support iPhone 3G). ◘ Support four languages (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese). ◘ Support iPhone 4 of the retina display. Power Recorder是一套专门为了旅行, 生活或行车纪录所设计的app,它可以让您将手上的iPhone变成功能强大的影像纪录器,并可录制高画质HD影像和记录位置与其他详细资讯。 除了一般常见的纪录器功能外,我们针对iPhone开发了许多重要的实用功能: ♦ 在您录影时可提供即时的地图显示。 ♦ 可於意外时自动记录事件锚点,也可允许您在需要时手动自行纪录事件。 ♦ 循环录影时将会自动避免覆盖掉重要的影片记录。 ♦ 允许将记录影片汇出使用,可直接将详细资讯直接嵌入於影片上。 ♦ 智慧型的自动化功能,可以帮助你容易管理iPhone的电源使用与影片纪录。 为何你应该购买专业版: ◘ 提供永无止尽的循环录影纪录功能。 ◘ 支援可调整式的网路地图显示。 ◘ 提供手动与意外记录功能。 ◘ 自动锁住重要影片记录,防止重要影片被覆盖。 ◘ 每笔纪录影片录制间隔小於1秒钟。 ◘ 提供自动曝光调整来录制明亮的影片。 ◘ 提供纪录丰富的时间, 时速, 事件和卫星定位资讯。 ◘ 可汇出内嵌详细纪录於画面上之影片。 ◘ 当你观看影片记录时可随时撷取影像。 ◘ 可随外接电源来自行开启或关闭录制。 ◘ 高画质的纪录影片 (iphone 4支援HD录制)。 ◘ 绝佳的电源与纪录管理,若遇电话来电中断会自动续录影。 ◘ 可额外购买超过10笔记录 (可重复购买)。 其他特色: ◘ 支援iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4以上之装置 (需要iOS 4以上的版本,不支援iPhone 3G)。 ◘ 支援四国语系 (英文, 繁体中文, 简体中文, 日文)。 ◘ 支援iPhone 4之视网膜萤幕。1. Bug fix for iOS 6.[1] 

Power Recorder支持版本

需要iOS 5.0 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad、iPod touch 兼容。